Four decades in the service of our clients

FIDUCONSULT can boast four decades of experience in its field. The early history of the organisation is closely linked to that of the Vez family, namely Patrick and Alain Vez, representing the second generation, who successfully and willingly continued the work of the pioneer founder, Michel Vez. This fiduciary, who enjoyed widespread renown, had grown up in a harmonious environment with reasonable ambitions that enabled him to gradually expand his business to cover the whole of the French-speaking part of Switzerland. His career is marked by the acquisition of other trust companies and the setting up of subsidiaries in compliance with his policy and commercial philosophy.

And if FIDUCONSULT has succeeded in gaining an excellent reputation after all these years, which is borne out by its impressive portfolio of clients, it is because it has been able to occupy a good market position and create an identity that is at once dynamic and solid. It has only been possible to achieve these aims with the invaluable help of the organisation’s management and staff, who are not only competent but also extremely efficient and make every effort to satisfy a demanding clientèle whose confidence they have succeeded in gaining. There can be no doubt that the attention given to human resources within our organisation has a direct link with our reputation. FIDUCONSULT is determined to continue along the same path in the future.

1974 Fiduconsult Ltd. is founded in Fribourg
1980 Acquisition of the trust company Joseph Jeckelmann Ltd. in Fribourg, now trading under the name Fiduconsult Fribourg Ltd.
1983 Fiduciaire Verifid Ltd. is set up in Geneva
1991 Acquisition of Fidugest Ltd. in Bulle
now trading under the name Fiduconsult Bulle Ltd.
2001 Fiduconsult Yverdon Ltd. is set up in Yverdon-les-Bains
2002 Partnership set up with Orfigest Ltd. in Neuchâtel and Alni Fiduciaire Ltd. in Saignelégier
now trading under the name Fiduconsult Jura Ltd.
Fiduconsult Chaux-de-Fonds Ltd. is founded
2003 Acquisition of Fiduciaire Golay Ltd. in Lausanne, now trading under the name Fiduconsult Lausanne Ltd.
2007 Partnership set up with Acta Ltd. in La Chaux-de-Fonds
2008 Acquisition of Fidyver Ltd. in Montagny-près-Yverdon
2010 Acquisition of Safigex Ltd. in Lausanne
Fiduconsult Yverdon Ltd. and Fidyver Ltd. merge to form Fiduconsult Fidyver Ltd. in Montagny-près-Yverdon
2011 Partnership set up with the trust company Barrelet Ltd. in Neuchâtel and adopt the name Fiduconsult Neuchâtel Ltd.
2012 Fiduconsult Chaux-de-Fonds Ltd. and Acta Ltd. merge and adopt
the name Fiduconsult Acta Ltd.

Fiduconsult Lausanne Ltd. and Safigex Ltd. merge and retain
the name Fiduconsult Lausanne Ltd.
2013 Acquisition of Ficogère Romandie Ltd. in Fribourg
Fiduconsult Audit Ltd. set up in Fribourg
2014 Acquisition of Exafid Ltd. in Neuchâtel
2015 Ficogère Romandie Ltd. and Fiduconsult Fribourg Ltd. merge
Acquisition of MGI GROUP Fiduciaire Ltd.
2016 Fiduconsult Jura Ltd. and Orfigest Ltd. merge and adopt
the name Fiduconsult Jura Ltd.
Fiduconsult Neuchâtel Ltd. and Exafid Ltd. merge and adopt
the name Fiduconsult Exafid Ltd.