Innovation and dynamism

A glance at the structure of FIDUCONSULT, made up of over seventy people, reveals that the organisation aims to provide its clientèle with the services of executive managers, junior managers and employees who are all in touch with clients’ requirements. Right from the earliest days of the organisation this principal aim has never been refuted. As shown by the list below, senior management is made up of lawyers, economists, accountants and tax experts who form a pluridisciplinary team of specialists that can boast many years’ experience in their various professions and extensive knowledge of their fields. It is this additional competence that is FIDUCONSULT’s strength and ensures that it can meet the most varied needs and specific requirements of its clients.

Senior management also considers it essential to take the utmost care in recruiting staff, who are all hand-picked. It also attaches great importance to personal contact, which it can easily guarantee thanks to the size of the enterprise. Along the same lines, it willingly refers to the notion of closeness, which has been one of its core values for many years. Innovation and dynamism are two keywords that have always inspired senior management’s professional activities at FIDUCONSULT, while the corporate culture of its clients is respected at all times. All the steps it takes are the result of collaborative processes.

Executive board

Alain Vez, Swiss Certified accountant | Fribourg

Senior management

Pascal Thierrin, Swiss Certified accountant | Fribourg
Head of Fribourg operation |

Paul Yerly, Lawyer| Fribourg
Head Legal & Tax |

Philippe Menoud, Swiss Certified accountant | Fribourg
Member of the Management Board |

Alain Richard, Swiss certified Fiduciary | Bulle
Head of Bulle operation |

Tania Karle, Swiss Certified accountant | Yverdon
Head of Lausanne and Yverdon operation |

Agnès Barrelet, Master of science in Business | Neuchâtel
Head of Neuchâtel operation |

Ladislaus Kelemen, Swiss certified expert in Accounting and Controlling | Saignelégier | La Chaux-de-Fonds
Head of Saignelégier and La Chaux-de-Fonds operation |



Michel Monnerat, Swiss Certified accountant | Fribourg
Head of Administration Services |